I have a client of very limited means and they would struggle to afford the low figure in the fees scales can you offer a cheaper rate?

Do the fees in the scales include VAT?

If I quote my client fees on the basis of these scales will you honour that quote?

I have a case which doesn’t fit the Children/Finance categories - how will that be charged?

I don’t want/need a conference before the final hearing - can I have a reduced fee?

Can you take payment direct from the client?

I can’t deliver the papers in your timescales because the other side are preparing the bundle and they haven’t provided it to us, what should I do?

Why should the client have to pay when the court has decided to adjourn the case the day before the hearing?

The case has been adjourned at short notice but it will be booked back in counsel’s diary, why should the client pay for the preparation?

The client has not paid counsel’s fees to me as promised and the work has now been done - are you going to apply the late payment penalties and potentially sue me?

The client has fallen on hard times and is struggling to pay all of counsel’s fees at once, what can we do?

The late payment penalties seem harsh why are you enforcing them now?

I’m not happy about being liable for counsel’s fees even if the client doesn’t pay me, can we vary this part of the standard terms?