Forced Marriage & FGM

We have a team of specialists who can offer advice, assistance, and representation in proceedings about forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).

A forced marriage is where one or both parties do not consent to the marriage taking place and family pressure is used to coerce the parties into marriage. The court has the power to make a Forced Marriage Protection Order to protect a person facing forced marriage or who have been forced into marriage.

An FGM Protection Order can extend to people who are, or may become, involved in FGM as well as those who commit or may attempt to commit a genital mutilation offence against a girl. The orders put in place a series of measures designed to prevent FGM from taking place.

Forced Marriage and FGM Protection orders can include prohibitions, restrictions or requirements to protect that person from a family member or anyone involved. The court can attach a power of arrest to the order, empowering the police to arrest anyone who they have reasonable suspicion to believe are in breach of the order.

Our team has experience in obtaining protection orders in Forced Marriage and FGM cases, and also in responding to applications for such orders. We often deal with cases where care proceedings follow on from such applications or where the inherent jurisdiction of the court is invoked. We also deal with cases where a party may lack capacity to consent to a marriage. Such cases can be dealt with by both our Forced Marriage team or our Court of Protection team if the case is a Court of Protection case.


Forced Marriage & FGM Practice Group