Private law

At some point during the breakdown of a relationship, there may well be issues which require the input of specialist counsel. In virtually every conceivable situation, we can provide a wealth of expertise, support and care.

We advise our clients on the available options and their likely outcomes, as well as assisting them right through to final hearings and subsequent enforcement.

Domestic abuse can often be the cause of a relationship breakdown and we can provide assistance to those who are married, cohabiting, in a civil partnership or even experiencing abuse within their extended family. We can help provide protection from domestic abuse and harassment, as well as defend those accused of such actions.

At the breakdown of a relationship there are can also be issues surrounding children and we deal with child arrangement orders, removal from the jurisdiction, specific issue applications, prohibited steps orders and special guardianship applications.

While some cases can be resolved relatively easily, we are also involved in matters of great sensitivity and complexity, with issues such as sexual abuse, substance misuse and child neglect. In addition, we have specialist experience in niche areas and sensitive cultural issues, including forced marriage and Sharia law.


Private Law Practice Group